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:: compositions ::

:: Chamber pieces ::


Omeyocan I ...à la mémoire d’Edgar Cortés (2005)
for 2 pianos

comme nef sur l’onde (2014) [Cahier M] -score extrait-
for violin and piano

douleur exquise (2015) [Cahier M] -score extrait-
for string quartet

La nef des fous (2017-)

tableau vivant for chamber ensemble and actors

(de)cor(o) (2019)

for percussion, wind instruments and electronics


peråava (2021)

for voice, piano and metronomes

Sc(herz)o infinito  (2021-22)

Tableau vivant of Brueghel's painting "Children's games"


:: Solo pieces ::


Tres piezas (1997)
for guitar

Valse (1998)
for guitar

Quatre épigraphes (2007) -score extrait- (recording)
for guitar tuned in quarter-tones

Stupid mechanical monkeys (2007) -score extrait-
for prepared piano and tape

pômrô (2020) (recording)

poem for guitar, voice, sirimcho, stones and tape

fomio (2020) (recording)

poem for sirimcho, voice, loop pedal and objects

maeseniå (2021) 

poem for electric guitar and voice

[côrīo]·étilá (2021) (recording)

poem for guitar, voice and sirimcho

:: Ongoing composition projects ::


Postdata (2016-17) [Cahier M]
for trio basso, 3 speaker sound installation and pedals


Interludio (2017) [Cahier M]

for double bass and piano

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