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Research of the Month

New video

BCA's research on Plastic Extension of Music at Lund University has been chosen as "Research of the Month" by the "Kungl. Musikaliska Akademien" in Sweden to celebrate their 250th Anniversary.

A video explaining the research was made for this special occasion.

[20th June 2021]

2e2m exigüe (contigüe) Malaussena Chavarría-Aldrete

Video with ensemble 2e2m

New video

exigüe (contigüe) by Julien Malaussena for string trio and guitar with ensemble 2e2m in Paris, France.

[20th April 2021]

Guitare Classique Chavarría-Aldrete

Review at "Guitare Classique" of [p]ers[on]a mis[ce]llanea

"...Intime, rafiné, émouvant, cet album restera comme une des références incontournables."

[March 2021]

bullseye Chavarría-Aldrete

bullseye (2020)

New work

video: 4:19 min

plastic-visual extension of Étude V pour guitare by Heitor Villa-Lobos.

RTS l'echo des pavanes Chavarría-Aldrete

Interview at RTS


Radio Télévision Suisse

"L'écho des pavanes" with Benoît Perrier talking about [p]ers[on]a mis[ce]llanea.

[15 December 2020]

forced ergonomics [six strings for improvisation] Chavarría-Aldrete

forced ergonomics [six strings for improvisation] (2020)

New work

1 modular installation

Plastic extension of 6 Preludios cortos by Manuel M. Ponce.

[p]ers[on]a mis[ce]llanea Chavarría-Aldrete

[p]ers[on]a mis[ce]llanea

New CD with Odradek Records


[p]ers[on]a mis[ce]llanea

Guitar works by Manuel M. Ponce

Release date: 30 October 2020

l'electricité colin roche

Académie annuelle Le Cerisier - Projet Bloom

BCA will be in residence at La tour de guet to work again in the improvisation duo with artist Tânia Geiroto Marcelino and premiere works by:


Jean-Marc Chouvel, Colin Roche and himself.

July 2020

Nasiye Michael finnissy Chavarría-Aldrete

New video of Nasiye by Michael Finnissy

New video

Nasiye (2002) by Michael Finnissy performed by Bertrand Chavarria-Aldrete

[Santpedor 2010]

Tânia Geiroto Marcelino Chavarría-Aldrete

Improvisation performance

New video

Improvisation performance on a sirimcho with Tânia Geiroto Marcelino & BCA


February 13th 2020 in Lisboa Incomum (Lisbon, Portugal)

Chavarría-Aldrete Centro Portugues de Fotografía

Concert The Spheres (Pescara, Italy)

Playing works of Manuel M. Ponce, Francisco Tárrega, Salvatore Sciarrino, Johannn Sebastian Bach, Edgar Cortés and Nikita Koshkin.

16 December 2019 at 19h - The spheres, Pescara-Montesilvano, Italy

fonetica Chavarría-Aldrete

Fonéticas da voluntade (2019)

New work


3 paintings 65x50 cm

Olga Neuwirth Chavarría-Aldrete

Concert Festival Musica (Strasbourg, France)

BCA will be playing Spazio elastico by Olga Neuwirth and Les Cris des lumières by Clemens Gadenstätter with Ensemble Linea at Festival Musica (Strasbourg, France).


30th September 2019

quarta- Chavarría-Aldrete

Vida muerta (coreografía de los objetos) (2019)

New photos


Vida muerta (coreografía de los objetos) collection and some other photos.

Quatuor Molinari Chavarría-Aldrete

douleur exquise (2015)

New video


Live recording of the string quartet douleur exquise by Bertrand Chavarria-Aldrete played by Quatuor Molinari in Montréal, Canada.

[1st February 2019]

douleur exquise Chavarría-Aldrete

"Dialogue sur le Plateau" with Quatuor Molinari (Montréal, Canada)

7e Concours International de Composition Quatuor Molinari.

Extraits and discussion of the string quartet douleur exquise by Bertrand Chavarria-Aldrete at Maison de la culture Plateau Mont-Royal (Montréal, Canada).

29 January 2019 at 19h30


capricci (2018)

New photos

New photo collection by Bertrand Chavarria-Aldrete

kleinigheid Chavarría-Aldrete

kleinigheig (2018)

New photos


elásticas photo collection

coyote Chavarría-Aldrete

Coyote (2018)

New work




Plastic extension of Pièce pour guitare seule of french composer Elisabeth Angot.

66 drawings on paper by BCA

bosch nef des fous Chavarría-Aldrete

World premiere of "La nef des fous"

World Premiere of the Theatre Piece/Tableau Vivant La nef des fous by Bertrand Chavarria-Aldrete at Teatro Rivoli in Porto, Portugal.

29th September 2017

Neuguitars Chavarría-Aldrete

Interview at Neuguitars



by Andrea Aguzzi to Bertrand Chavarria-Aldrete at Neuguitars.

17 May 2017

Marteau sans maitre Boulez Chavarría-Aldrete Peter Eotvos

Concert with ensemble Linea

Marteau sans Maître by Pierre Boulez with ensemble Linea at Fondation Royaumont.

Conducting Masterclass by Péter Eötvös.


1-8 April 2017

Sciarrino Chavarría-Aldrete

Recital in Paris

Solo guitar recital at vaisseau vert (Paris) with works by Barrios, Ponce, Haendel, Ohana, Tárrega, Sciarrino, Dowland and Angot.


29 January 2017

Chavarría-Aldrete carpere fide(s)

carpere fide(s) (2016)

New recording

carpere fide(s) vol.1 - Spanish contemporary music for guitar by Bertrand Chavarria-Aldrete at Odradek Records.


Music by Erkoreka, Hortigüela/Cabezón, Urquiza, Mendoza, Riera and Lazkano.

November 2016


Online concert with Remix ensemble

Online Concert

Concert with Remix ensemble conducted by Peter Rundel playing the e-guitars part of "La jalousie" by German composer Heiner Goebbels for The Acht Brücken. Musik für Köln Festival.

[15th May 2021]

Lund Contemporary Chavarría-Aldrete

Interview at Lund Contemporary (Sweden)


At Skissernas Museum (Lund, Sweden) interview by composer and artistic director David Riebe as part of the Lund Contemporary Festival program a dialogue about the research at Lund University of Bertrand Chavarría-Aldrete's Plastic Extension of Music.

[17th March 2021]

Guitare Classique Chavarría-Aldrete

Interview at "Guitare Classique"

Interview at French magazine "Guitare Classique" with Florent Passamonti.

[March 2021]

fomio Chavarría-Aldrete


New video

poem for sirimcho, loop pedal and objects

[Live recording in October 2020]

ephemeral critters pascale criton Chavarría-Aldrete

ephemeral critters (2020)

New work

Series of light painting photographies

Plastic-visual extension of Plis by Pascale Criton.

persona miscellanea Chavarría-Aldrete

Video [p]ers[on]a mis[ce]llanea

New video trailer

[p]ers[on]a mis[ce]llanea

Guitar works by Manuel M. Ponce

30 October 2020

Requiem for a beetle Köln Chavarría-Aldrete

Towards Sound - Collective exhibition in Köln, Germany

Wall of abandoned ideas - Notes and stories

BCA will make part of the collective exhibition curated by Ruth Weisenfeld Towards Sound


Internationale Klangbasierte Künste
curated by Rochus Aust

From the 28.10. - 07.11.2020

lund university

PhD Artistic Research at Lund University (Sweden)

BCA will start an Artistic Research Doctoral Program (2020-2024) at the Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts in Malmö, Sweden, based on the "Plastic Extension of Music" (Porto, 2015), to make further experimentation on how to "perform" music in different formats.

kokoro Chavarría-Aldrete

kokoro (2020)

New work

Installation of 3 photographies and 4 paintings.

kokoro Chavarría-Aldrete

kokoro - Solo exhibition in Spain

kokoro (installation)


Centro Cívico Canal de Castilla (Paseo Jardín Botánico, nº4) 

from 2.03 until 16.03.2020

tori Chavarría-Aldrete

tori (2019)

New work


Installation with 2 paintings, 2 sculptures and sound

solo exhibition Porto Portugal Galeria do sol Chavarría-Aldrete

[a linguagem é um atrito] - Solo exhibition in Portugal

Solo exhibition


Galeria Rua do Sol in Porto, Portugal


Paintings, drawings and sculpture works by Bertrand Chavarria-Aldrete.

from 31st October until the 9th November 2019

Rebecca Saunders Chavarría-Aldrete

Concert Casa da Música (Porto, Portugal)

BCA will be playing Scar by Rebecca Saunders with Remix ensemble in Casa da Música (Porto, Portugal).


17th September 2019

Juan Rulfo Chavarría-Aldrete

Esta es la tierra que nos han dado (2019)

New work


12 paintings


Plastic extension of Sonata Mexicana by Mexican composer Manuel M. Ponce.

perugino Chavarría-Aldrete

Second Prize - 7ème Concours International de Composition Quatuor Molinari

Bertrand Chavarria-Aldrete won the second prize at the 7e Concours International de Composition Quatuor Molinari with his string quartet douleur exquise in Montréal, Canada.

1st February 2019

russia perm Chavarría-Aldrete

Recitals in Spain and Russia in November 2018

3 November - Museo de Bellas Artes in Vitoria (Spain)

14 November - Kungur (Russia)

15 November - Concert and Masterclass in Perm. Sound 59 Festival (Russia)

Playing works of Zuriñe F. Gerenabarrena, Álvaro Carlevaro, Ramon Lazkano, Gabriel Erkoreka, Teresa Catalán, Mikel Urquiza, Iñaki Estrada.


And the World Premiere of "Color" by Carlos Fontcuberta.

haarvöl Chavarría-Aldrete

Collaboration for a new piece "Brumal" with electronic music collective Haarvöl



New electronic music piece collaboration with a 12 string guitar and sirincho for the new album "Peripherad Debris" at Moving Furniture Records. 

Recording available at: https://movingfurniturerecords.bandcamp.com/album/peripherad-debris

Chavarría-Aldrete Festival DME

Recital and Workshop in Festival DME (Lisbon, Portugal)

Bertrand Chavarria-Aldrete will be playing and giving a lecture in Lisbon at Festival DME (Dias de Música Electroacústica).


The recital will feature music by: Rita Torres, Jaime Reis, Vincent Airault, and Joan Riera Robuste.

19th and 20th May 2018

hsu françois cheng Chavarría-Aldrete

hsu (2017)

New photos


elásticas photo collection

SMASH ensemble Chavarría-Aldrete

VIPA Academy with SMASH ensemble

8 World premieres with SMASH ensemble soloists: Richard Craig, flute, Carola Schluter, soprano and Emmanuel Acurero, cello.

3-8 of July 2017

carpere fide(s) Chavarría-Aldrete

Review of carpere fide(s)


Review at Neuguitars of the recording carpere fide(s).

Chavarría-Aldrete Anaclase

Review of carpere fide(s)


Review at Anaclase of the recording carpere fide(s).

artist book Chavarría-Aldrete

a supressão da (in)utilidade (2017)

New work

Publication of the book a supressão da (in)utilidade in Porto at the FBAUP (Portugal).

[Publication/Edition - 52 pages]

A [de]con[struction] of the poem Des livres inutiles by Sebastian Brant (1458-1521) in the Das Narren schyff (The ship of fools) [1494] translated from german by Madeleine Horst in 1977.

28 January 2017

Still epscrap.png

Video with ensemble 2e2m

New video

(EP)Scra'p by Julien Malaussena for guitar solo recorded with a series of videos with ensemble 2e2m in Paris, France.

[20th April 2021]

ensemble itinéraire Daniel Alvarado Rebecca Saunders John Croft Chavarría-Aldrete

Concert in Paris

Concert with Ensemble Itinéraire


Tres canciones delirantes by Daniel Alvarado for guitar solo (World Premiere)
Seirēnes II by John Croft (French Premiere)
Molly's Song 3 - Shades of Crimson by Rebecca Saunders

[12th March 2021]

Requiem for a beetle fomio Chavarría-Aldrete

HALT HALTUNG VERHALTEN - Online exhibition (Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln)

Online exhibition

Requiem for a beetle


TOWARDS SOUND presents selected contributions of its FLEETING ARCHIVE, closing event of the Artistic Research Laboratory ​at the Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln (Germany)

[January 2021]

HighResAudio Chavarría-Aldrete

Editor's choice

[p]ers[on]a mis[ce]llanea "Editor's Choice" at HighResAudio

[December 2020]

phantom errance [muscle memory] Chavarría-Aldrete

phantom errance [muscle memory] (2020)

New work

Installation with 2 ink and graphite drawings on cloth, stones and graphite and ink drawing on paper.

Plastic extension of Prélude 1923 by Manuel M. Ponce.

fábrica da criatividade castelo branco Chavarría-Aldrete


Artistic Residence of BCA


Fábrica de Criatividade with Festival DME and Lisboa Incomum.

15-30 October 2020

forced ergonomics fábrica da criatividade castelo brancoChavarría-Aldrete

Artistic Residency at Fabrica de Criatividade

Artistic Residency in Fabrica de Criativide in Castelo Branco (Portugal) with Festival DME & Lisboa Incomum as part of Artistic Research from Lund University (Sweden).

15th October to 2nd November 2020

Haarvöl Chavarría-Aldrete

Improvisation Performance with Haarvöl

New video

Improvisation performance with Haarvöl at Maus Hábitos. 


[September 2018 - Porto, Portugal]

pomro Chavarría-Aldrete experimatal poetry

pômrô (2020)

New recording

Premiere recording of pômrô 

poem for voice, guitar, stones, sirimcho and electronics, composed and played by Bertrand Chavarria-Aldrete.

February 13th 2020 in Lisboa Incomum (Lisbon, Portugal)


Residence at Lisboa Incomum - February 2020

- 11.02 | 18:30 ESML (Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa)
Conferência (Lecture) 

“Bússola rota” - A composição é para perder-se

- 12.02 | 18:30 | FBAUL (Faculdade de Belas-Artes)
Conferência (Lecture)

"Pulsações dilatadas” - Uma extensão da música nas artes plásticas

- 13.02 | 19h30 | Lisboa Incomum

Works by Manuel M. Ponce, Francisco Tárrega, Salvatore Sciarrino, Jaime Reis, Pascale Criton (for guitar in 1/12th tuning) and the world premiere of pômrô by Bertrand Chavarria-Aldrete a poem for guitar, sirimcho, voice and electronics, followed by a performance with artist Tânia Geiroto Marcelino. 

- 14-16.02 | EMNSC - Escola de Música Nossa Senhora do Cabo

- 14.02 | 19h | EMNSC - Escola de Música Nossa Senhora do Cabo

Works by Francisco Tárrega, Salvatore Sciarrino, Jaime Reis, Pascale Criton (for guitar in 1/12th tuning).

pômrô wall extension Chavarría-Aldrete

pômrô (2019)

New work


Wall extension - 120x170x35 cm

CAO Valoriza Chavarría-Aldrete


New video


Live performance of (de)cor(o) by Bertrand Chavarría-Aldret in Amares, Portugal during the Festival Encontrarte with the residents of the CAO-Valoriza (special needs residence).

[27th July 2019]

(de)cor(o) Chavarría-Aldrete

(de)cor(o) - Encontrarte Amares 2019

(de)cor(o) - A new mixed electroacoustic work by Bertrand Chavarria-Aldrete to be premiered during an artistic residency at the Festival Encontrarte in Amares, Portugal.


July 2019

hsu françois cheng Chavarría-Aldrete

Solo Exhibition - Spain

Photography Exhibition

Solo photography exhibition by Bertrand Chavarria-Aldrete at Centro Cívico Las delicias in Valladolid, Spain. 

from the 15th until the 30th April 2019

douleur exquise Chavarría-Aldrete

World Premiere of douleur exquise by Quatuor Molinari (Montréal, Canada)

Concert des lauréats du 7e Concours International de Composition Quatuor Molinari.

Works by Beebe, Oh, Peistikos and Chavarria-Aldrete.

Salle de concert du Conservatoire

4750, avenue Henri-Julien 

Montréal, QC H2T 2C8 Canada

1 February 2019 at 19h30

Maus-Hábitos Chavarría-Aldrete

Concert at Maus-Hábitos (Porto, Portugal)

Concert at Maus-Hábitos in Porto, Portugal with Collective Haarvöl at the Noite Crónica consort series.

8th September 2018 at 22h

Soisseubuda Chavarría-Aldrete

douleur exquise (2015)

The string quartet douleur exquise by Bertrand Chavarria-Aldrete it's on the final of the 7th International Composition Competition for string quartet.


The final will take place the 1st February 2019 in Montréal, Canada in a concert held by Quatuor Molinari.

Linea Academy Chavarría-Aldrete

Linea Academy for Contemporary Music

Bertrand Chavarria-Aldrete will be teaching at the Linea Academy for contemporary music in Strasbourg, France.

from the 27th August to the 2nd September 2018

La nef des fous bosch Chavarría-Aldrete

La nef de fous (2017)

New work

Description and photos from the musical tableau vivant La nef de fous by Bertrand Chavarria-Aldrete

Chavarría-Aldrete CPE Porto

Recital in Portugal

Concert in Centro Portugues de Fotografía (Porto, Portugal)


Quatro reflexõ(e)s
Cuatro reflexiones en que espejismos (fata morgana) sonoros se reflejan hacia el oído por el tratamiento histórico de la música.


Music by Haendel, Ohana, Dowland, Angot, Henze, Hortigüela/Cabezón and Reis.

25 June 2017

bypass 2.1 Chavarría-Aldrete

Review of Bypass 2.1


Review at Neuguitars of the recording Bypass 2.1.

goya Chavarría-Aldrete

Solo exhibition in Spain

Solo photo exhibition of elásticas in Valladolid, Spain.

Centro J.L. Mosquera (Valladolid)


1-14 February 2017

elena mendoza Chavarría-Aldrete

...pas digun ne vedeva sa cara (uma vontade de foder) (2016-17)

New work

Exhibition at Porto with ...pas digun ne vedeva sa cara (uma vontade de foder) at FBAUP (Portugal).

22-27 January 2017

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