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La nef des fous [2017]

tableau vivant for actors and chamber music ensemble

"the critic is he who exhibits to us a work of art in a form different from that of the work itself, and the employment of a new material is a critical as well as a creative element"

Oscar Wilde

La nef des fous is a theatre-musical piece that emerged from an exegetical work made from the original painting "La nef des fous" by Hyeronimus Bosch: a "creative critic".

This piece is the story of each character in the painting through an original script that leads to the final scene of the painting; this musical "tableau vivant" is a theatre of gestures that are a consequence of the original music composed in coordination with the universe created from three basic sources: the polysemic aspect of "folie" by Sebastien Brant, the history of madness compiled by Michel Foucault and aesthetic and historic elements from Hyeronimus Bosch. 

A hybrid object that stages music, electronic, instrumental craftsmanship, scenography, video, gestures, musicians and actors/dancers to tell a story with sounds and images.

A reduced and experimental version took place in Porto at Teatro Rivoli in 2017 with:

Actors: Ana Lídia Pereira, Filipa Melo, Maria Inês Teixeira, Maria Olas, Marta Rosas, Guilherme de Mendoça, Joao Duarte Piçarra, Manuel A. Santos, Ana Pessoa, Eduardo Costa and Bernardo Sarmento

Musicians: Dinis Decompte, João Sousa, Rita Carreiras, Rui Barrocas

Costumes: Svenja Tiger and Mafalda Costa

Scenography: Carlos Lima, Svenja Tiger and Bertrand Chavarria-Aldrete

Special thanks to Octavio López and Olivier Manoury

photos by Gonçalo Duarte
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