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douleur exquise [2015]

for string quartet


“...E car ela no sospira

sai qu’en lei ma mortz se mira

ca sa gran beutat remir...”


Extrait from Bel m’es can eu vei brolha by Bernart de Ventadorn (1125-1200 approx.)


(exquisite pain: Extremely intense, keen, sharp; said of pain or tenderness in a part.)


The instrumental mass is shaped from the note A, inspired by the quantum theory of paralell universes, the same A note is born in the different instruments taking different “ways of life” each shaped by their own particular but parallel topography, each way (time) exists and cohexists with it’s parallel universes, creating musical representations of the passive interferences/actions in life: dream, imagination, past, future; self representations (of the A note) in the thought, through the instrumental and temporal treatment of the material.

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