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(de)cor(o) [2019]



A mixed musical electroacoustic work for choir, percussion, objects and wind instruments made to interact with the residents of the CAO (Centro de Atividades Ocupacionais) a Special needs residence in Amares, Portugal.


This work was created during an artistic residency at Encontrarte Amares 2019 in July.



Uma peça musical electroacústica que interage com as capacidades dos utentes do CAO em Amares. A ideia principal e filo condutor da obra é de intercalar, juntar, isolar e organizar ações e manipulações com conseqüências sonoras para cada um dos participantes dentro dum contexto musical prefixo.

The concept of (de)cor(o) is based on ornamentation in medieval music and photographic processing. The first material of the piece was conceived with the gesture of grabbing an objet and letting it fall and the sound consequences of this simple gesture. In the second phase I brought all the samples of the piece in order to record all the residents imitate these sounds and recreate the electronic part with their imitations; the original sound (the negative in photography) was "developed" by their interpretation. The third and final phase was ornamenting LIVE the "cantus firmus" of the electronics with objects freely played but in the different and specific sections of the piece.

Bertrand Chavarria-Aldrete

Paris, September 2019

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