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Novum Organum


A lecture on the new perspective of the guitar, showing a new vision of the instrument with live extraits of the extended techniques used for the guitar in the XXth and XXIst repertoire.


Extraits from: Helmut Lachenmann, Brian Ferneyhough, Rebecca Saunders, José Luis Torá, Ramón Lazkano, Fernando Fiszbein, amongst many others.


A conference aimed for composers, guitarists and a public that wishes to hear the guitar of today.


Approx: 2:30 hours

Cultural Structures, the dark side of art.


A lecture of the "do's and don'ts" on the cultural structures. How to build honest cultural structures in diverse environments in the XXIst century.


The examples come from personal experience, but also research done on the management field and historic structures that have succeded and failed.


Irony, dark humor, and many ideas for people that are interested in the modern cultural structures.


Approx: 2 hours

Autobiography, Slavery and Music: El Cimarrón.


A lecture that started as a mere presentation of El Cimarrón by Hans Werner Henze, but went from Julius Ceasar's Gallic Wars to facebook, passing through Durer, Rembrandt, Saint Teresa, and Opera.


Sound extraits from Schönberg, Bernart de Ventadour, Wagner and Hans Werner Henze.


An hommage to Esteban Montejo.


Approx: 2 hours

The guitar. History and aspects of a much knowned instrument.


A lecture by a guitarist for guitarists only (and crazy people that like guitar). A research on the guitar before, during and after Andrés Segovia.


Approx: 2 hours

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