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Fuga (soiseubuda) [2015]

[Video: 3:37 min.]

("Fuga" from Variations sur "Folia de España" et Fugue by Manuel M. Ponce - Mexico, 1882-1948)

"Pois no·us puosc trobar engal

Que sia tant bella ni pros

Ni sos rics cors tant joios,

De tant bella tieira

Ni tant gais,

Ni sos rics pretz tant verais,

Irai per tot agaran

De chascuna un bel semblan

Per far dompna soiseubuda,

Tro vos me siatz renduda."

(Dompna, puois de mi no·us cal - Bertran de Born 1182-1183)

And since I could not find a peer to you,

Neither one so fair, nor of such heart,

So eager and alert,

Nor with such art

In attire, nor so gay

Nor with gift so bountiful and so true,

I will go out a-searching,

Culling from each a fair trait

To make me a borrowed lady

Till I again find you ready.

(Translation: Ezra Pound)

Idea, Concept, Video, Edition & Guitar: Bertrand Chavarria-Aldrete

De chascuna un bel semblan (from each a beautiful trait). This extrait belongs to the poem "Dompna, puois de mi no·us cal" by Troubadour Bertran de Born, a poem that "collects" different traits of diverse women in order create a "borrowed/built" ("soideubuda" in occitan) lady. Inspired by this idea of a "borrowed/built" object with a “collection” (Ezra Pound uses the word “Culling”) of different "traits" I decided to create this video of a Fugue (being a musical object in opposite, since the Fugue emerges from one voice into different voices) with the anthropomorphic character of the guitar's body by taking it's different "traits" to build a "borrowed/built/soiseubuda" video. All the takes where made in different parts with it's own original acustic, in order to respect the many different "traits" not only visually but also acoustically.

This work is dedicated to Katy Bernard.

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