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Variations sur “Folia de España” et fugue [2015]
Music of Manuel M. Ponce
[video - 26:09 min.]

Performing live a musical piece nowadays means nearly nothing to the public, society today is constantly exposed and able to access that information without the need to move from his own house; so here is where a music live performance as it is still conceived today is a dying art; we as musicians and artists have to foresee a new way to recreate our performances.

Taking the monumental piece for classical guitar written by Manuel M. Ponce was for me an opportunity to offer that different point of view of the guitar and classical music concerts. I decided to create an object purely made for the YouTube format; a video which can offer only the possibility to be apreciated in small devices and headphones with the impossibility of being reproduced as it is in a LIVE situation.

The texts used for the video are in different languages and in their original source; all texts have the word “crazy” (Folia) or talk about that “madness”, the idea came in order not have only the musical “Theme” as a thread but also the word “Folia” during the whole piece.

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