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tientos topográficos :: tacto temperado [Work in progress]
[plastic pieces for the visual impaired]


Music by Antonio de Cabezón transcribed for guitar by Alberto Hortigüela

A plastic piece for the visual impaired (as Cabezón) in order to make a small hommage to the great spanish organist.

The project of this first Tiento is a 12 meters long transcription of the 287 notes and rhythm that are in the piece, The plastic piece is spacialized in 12 wooden modules of 1m x 1,40m with 5 measures of the Tiento each. The strings tuned and transcribed from the Tiento will be the “guide/sound cane” of the visual impaired while walking and playing at their own pace the “Tiento in primer tono” by Cabezón without the need of any specific musical formation; but by simply walking and plucking the spacializaed-tuned strings.

This is the first three Tientos that make part of this future collection in 

[2:1 Model] 70 x 50 cm - wood, tuning pins, fishing string.

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