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pômrô [2019]
[wall extension]

An open poetry process that emerged into an own personal writing language that obviates the filter of meaning. An expression, an open will, expressive sounds that emerge in a different format outside the score. 


Space, being the most important aspect of pômrô, proposes the will of the space into becoming or refusing its current state: its current imposed "umwelt". 


pômrô is a will, a consequence of space and the understanding of how can a space could become and be itself if not intervened by the human factor. An emergence of an (im)possible "umwelt" of space. 

120cm x 170cm x 35 cm - polystyrene, plaster finish and paint.



Jikily gué morønorogo, ôcô noré foli

       ...Nasi bo pômrô

Maûi darãnagana êga mahniké

êgate-gué ara nolïh


Hakalåna hué 


Nasi bo pômrô…

zuagu la nami nesi ma

coxotorøyoté, ane me kaladasi na


Êgate zugu-gué

Aranamø yoté

Ha êgarate nesi samãs !

Kopérone, ga ropénoko, güi koponeré ? 

         • ba


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